Lumiapps SDK: Overview
Whats is Lumiapps SDK?
Lumiapps helps companies gather information that is publicly available on the internet. It uses the user's IP address to load several web pages in the background from well-known websites. This is done in a way that never interrupts the user and fully complies with GDPR/CCPA. The web pages are then sent to companies, who use them to improve their databases, offering better products, services, and pricing.

Whether you offer a free, paid, or advertising-based app, you can decide when to integrate the Lumiapps SDK offer into your users' streams to maximize your revenue. Here are just three examples of how you can use Lumiapps SDK to optimize your revenue:

  • Paid app: At the end of the paid app trial period, offer the user Lumiapps SDK in exchange for extending the trial period or a limited version of the paid version. This gives you more time to convert the user to paying and generates additional revenue until they do.
  • Free advertising-based app: Offer the user LumiappsSDK as an alternative to the advertising version. Not only will the user experience be better, and user retention higher, but you will also generate more revenue than with the advertising version.
  • Free app: Ask your user to support you by accepting the Lumiapps SDK offer.
Lumiapps for developers can work as an SDK.
Benefits of integrating the Lumiapps SDK
Using the Lumiapps SDK has several advantages over traditional methods of app monetization through advertising. Firstly, Lumiapps SDK does not interrupt users, works in the background, and does not interfere with their use of the app. Secondly, Lumiapps SDK provides the opportunity to earn additional revenue that may be higher than revenue from standard monetization models (subscriptions, licenses, advertising). Thirdly, using Lumiapps SDK improves the user experience by allowing you to offer some premium features for free or remove ads from the app, which increases user satisfaction, improves organic downloads, and enhances reviews.

However, it should be remembered that the revenue that can be obtained through Lumiapps SDK depends on your audience, the quality of their internet connection, and their geographical location.
Use cases for increase revenue for your product
  • Use Lumiapps SDK as an alternative to an advertising-supported app to enhance user experience and increase revenue.
  • Offer the user the use of Lumiapps SDK in exchange for disabling ads in the app.
  • Display an offer to use Lumiapps SDK after the user has viewed a certain number of ads in the app.
  • Offer the user free access to premium app features when using Lumiapps SDK as an alternative to a paid subscription.
  • Provide the user with bonuses or additional app features for using Lumiapps SDK.
  • Offer users improved access to app content in exchange for using Lumiapps SDK.
  • Offer users to use Lumiapps SDK as an alternative to purchasing in-game currency or items.
  • Add the ability for users to donate to the development of the app in exchange for using Lumiapps SDK.
  • Use Lumiapps SDK as an alternative revenue source for an app that does not generate enough revenue from advertising or sales.
  • Offer the user to use Lumiapps SDK as an alternative to a paid subscription for other apps or services.
User data confidentiality and privacy
When using an application with built-in Lumiapps SDK, some users may be concerned about potential threats to their security and confidentiality related to the transmission of data about their internet traffic. However, by using the Lumiapps SDK, users do not transmit personal information, and the information that is collected is publicly available and only collected from authorized websites. In addition, Lumiapps complies with GDPR and CCPA standards to ensure that users can control their data and opt-out of providing their internet traffic at any time.

Thus, the risk to users when using an application with built-in Lumiapps SDK is negligible and is outweighed by the benefits of such a monetization method, such as no user interruptions, improved user experience, and the ability to earn additional revenue. User confidentiality and security are a priority for Lumiapps and are guaranteed by appropriate data protection standards and procedures.

Lumiapps SDK only uses publicly available information that does not contain users' personal data. The data is collected from public websites, such as e-commerce, travel, consumer brands, etc. Additionally, Lumiapps uses third-party website filtering programs to ensure that only authorized websites can be indexed.
Lumiapps SDK for Developers: Technical
Does the SDK slow down the user's internet connection?
Lumiapps SDK does not slow down the user's internet in the application. It only uses the internet connection if the device is free, and the traffic generated by the SDK will not significantly affect the device's performance.
How much traffic does the SDK consume from the user?
The SDK consumes traffic only if the user's device is not in use and its CPU usage is low enough that the SDK's operation will not affect the user experience or performance of other running applications. The amount of traffic depends on the device's operating system and its online time. The traffic consumed by the SDK does not affect the user's traffic, but overall Lumiapps only loads traffic equivalent to a few web pages per day.
Does the SDK use the user's hard disk space?
No, Lumiapps SDK does not use the user's hard disk space.
Does the Lumiapps SDK use cookies?
Do my users accumulate cookies from random sites?
No. Nothing is left on your user’s device.
Do Lumiapps SDK’s customers see my user’s personal data?
No! The customer does not know where the response came from – not even your user’s IP address. They just know it came from country XYZ. So, our custmers do not have any access to your users personal data.
At what point does the user start sharing their connection?
User start sharing his connection only when and ONLY IF the user has agreed to use Lumiapps SDK. In case you are developer who wants to get additional revenue for your app, you have to ask user directly and provide them some benefits of using Lumiapps SDK such as less ads or provide some in-app benefits: free game level, etc.
How long does implementation take?
From few minutes to few hours.
Realistically 1-2 days including testing.
How much can I earn by integrating Lumiapps SDK in my app?
Answer on this question definitely depends on your app, but there are some points which may increase your revenue:
  • Apps with high retention will generate much more revenue than others due to way how we count active users. Advice: create apps which users like
  • Type of device: some of devices may restrict background operation of your app and decrease revenue from it. Make sure that users of such devices visit the application more often
  • Location: some of countries may have some connectivity problems (such as China, Iran, etc.). Make sure that you target your apps on countries with more or less good connectivity or less country-wide firewalls.
What is active user and what I see in my stats?
You are paid for daily active users: we count user as active if user is online during the day and transmit some amount of traffic to and from our servers.

In your stats you can see active users (users for whom we pay), total new users today (already active + non-active yet), and total users daily (previous installations and new users today). In some cases you may see that number of active users is more than new users: it's fine - you will see this number as total users qualified as active from previous days.

Good apps see daily active users are constantly growing: if users like your app, you will have more active users daily and more revenue, so we encourage you to release apps which users like
How do I get paid?
We support variety types of payments. We encourage you to contact us to agree on what is convenient for you